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Tesser: A Dragon Among Us

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Ambryn & the Cheaters of Death

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Resurrections; A Short Story Collection

Want a signed copy of Resurrections, my short story collection? Snag this here and I'll mail you one, lickety split.

A boy and his father walk on the shore of an ocean filled with bloody spears cast off from a war between gods.

A father travels back in time over and over, unable to rescue the mother of his child, but then...

A mischievous satyr lurking in a dungeon has a field day with trespassing adventurers.

A mirror sits in the lobby of an ancient palace, and twice a year under the light of the moon you can walk through it to another world. But at what cost?

These tales and 12 more are in Resurrections; a compilation of short stories written by Chris Philbrook, author of Tesser: A Dragon Among Us, Adrian's Undead Diary, and The Kinless Trilogy.

Price: $14.00

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