Signed Elmoryn: The Kinless Trilogy

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Elmoryn is an old world, filled with secrets that aren’t alive, and aren’t exactly dead either. Here you can get the books from the trilogy signed and sent to you.

The Wrath of Orphans

The first book of The Kinless Trilogy, signed and sent off to you.

Price: $16.00

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The Motive for Massacre

#2 in The Kinless Trilogy, John Hancock'd and stuff.

Price: $16.00

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The Echoes of Sin

The third and final Kinless Trilogy novel, where almost... all the secrets get uncovered. Enjoy it, signed for you.

Price: $18.00

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Complete Kinless Trilogy signed set

The complete dark fantasy/steampunk trilogy signed and sent to you. Includes a free copy of Alan MacRaffen's Elmoryn novella; The Doom of Eldrid Cole.

Price: $50.00

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Resurrections; A Short Story Collection

Want a signed copy of Resurrections, my short story collection? Snag this here and I'll mail you one, lickety split.

A boy and his father walk on the shore of an ocean filled with bloody spears cast off from a war between gods.

A father travels back in time over and over, unable to rescue the mother of his child, but then...

A mischievous satyr lurking in a dungeon has a field day with trespassing adventurers.

A mirror sits in the lobby of an ancient palace, and twice a year under the light of the moon you can walk through it to another world. But at what cost?

These tales and 12 more are in Resurrections; a compilation of short stories written by Chris Philbrook, author of Tesser: A Dragon Among Us, Adrian's Undead Diary, and The Kinless Trilogy.

Price: $14.00

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