London Burns

London Burns
Series: Adrian's Undead Diary, Tales From the World of Adrian's Undead Diary, Book 10
Genre: Horror
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 66 Pages
ASIN: B01B3135QA
ISBN: 1523609427
A helicopter crash in London. A city overrun with zombies. A few Royal Marines. A whole lot of bullets. A novella of doom set during the events of the short story 'London.'
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About the Book

The Warden Kevin Whitten and Harold Parker met in London, England ‘that day.’ The day the dead stopped dying, and long before they managed their way back to America, to Adrian Ring and the test they would all face together. The only reason they survived their helicopter crash in Covent Garden was the sacrifice of a small unit of Royal Marines. This is their story. London Burns follows the story of Hal and Kevin, parallel to the AUD story London, and beyond.

London Burns is the second installment in the Tales from the world of Adrian’s Undead Diary series. The open-ended series chronicles new stories in the world of Adrian Ring, expanding on the original eight book series. The first volume is titled Unhappy Endings.

Included as well is the Elmoryn short story Roots Grown Deep, a tale about why its always a good idea to stay inside the city walls, and why you should never, ever disturb the things buried in Elmoryn’s wilderness.


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