Colony Lost

Colony Lost

Desperate for the minerals a new world offers, an expedition risks all to save their civilization.

An charted, alien world. A vast expanse of resources, and hope. And just a few inches beneath the soil... terror.
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About the Book

Seven hundred fifty years ago, human colonists left Earth and settled on the moons of the distant gas giant Ghara.

Civilization has flourished on Ghara’s fertile moons, but humanity’s drive to colonize and explore is still strong. Detecting plentiful mineral resources and a rich abundance of alien life on the nearby planet of Selva, the Gharian Colonists mount a dangerous expedition. Young newlywed marines Dustin and Melody will find themselves put to the ultimate test as they forge a way through fierce magnetic storms into an unknown and utterly alien world.

Tensions mount at home, as not all of the colonists support this mission and its high cost of resources, and many are outright hostile towards the Marines and scientists who are setting out to colonize the new world.

As the peace the four colonies have shared for almost 200 years starts to fracture, what the expedition finds on Selva might very well be the worst thing humanity has ever dealt with.

Series: Other
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 9781548449735
List Price: 17.95
eBook Price: 4.99
Audiobook Price: 22.50
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