Premium Dark Recollections Pre-Order

So here it is, the official Pre-Order page of the Premium version of Dark Recollections, and the complete 8 book set of Adrian’s Undead Diary.

As I said before, the books are slightly updated in the interior (story material unchanged) but the cover finish has been changed from gloss to matte, and left blank white. These premium copies will each ship out with a custom, one of a kind zombie drawn on the cover by designer and artist Alan MacRaffen. They will also be signed by the both of us, which is pretty damn neat.

The pre-order price for these is $25 for book one, and SETS ARE SOLD OUT. The cost of US shipping is included in the prices above. I’ve had several people ask for shipping outside the US, and if you’re willing to cover it, reach out to me prior to ordering.

Dark Recollections copies will ship out sometime in March. (I’ll advise via social media and email to buyers when they arrive from the printer, and we see how fast Alan can draw all those custom zombies) but complete sets of 1-8 will wait until all 8 books are proofed, shipped, and illustrated.

To keep these limited and awesomesauce, I’ve set the # of unique copies of Dark Recollections to 33, and the # of complete sets to just 20. SETS ARE SOLD OUT. That means there will be a grand total of 53 copies of book 1 made. I’m not setting a limit for the # people can buy, but please don’t buy too many. Sharing is caring.

Sets will be numbered, and some of the numbers have already been requested, so from this point out… no more requests.

As said, these are first-come, first served, and if all are sold in the pre-order phase, that’s it, kids.

To place a pre-order for a premium Dark Recollections, click this Buy it Now button:

To place a pre-order for an entire set of premium Adrian’s Undead Diary (books 1-8), please click this Buy it Now button:



As always, you’re all amazing people, and I don’t care what your local police say about you.


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