Want a neat collectible? We’re gonna have a neat collectible.

Later this month I’m going to be offering a very exclusive shot at a special edition of Dark Recollections, Adrian’s Undead Diary #1. I think I’m limiting this to just 33 copies, depending on demand.

The interior formatting is updated a little bit (essentially unchanged) but the cover is switching from its previous gloss finish to a special matte finish.

Also, as you can tell from the picture, the cover image (current credit to Ian llanas on that) is removed, leaving a blank space there.


Because Alan MacRaffen (original cover artist, and layout and formatter) is going to custom draw zombies on each special edition I’m selling.

So you will get the special blank cover version with a unique illustration on it. Unique means it’ll be a one of a kind.

I haven’t set a special price yet, but I’m thinking with the illustration, shipped to you (US only please, because the postal fees are *insane*) they’ll be $25 each.

Would anyone want the whole set of 8 books as a set? I’m considering setting aside a small amount to sell as exclusive sets with themed drawings on them, if this works.) I think I could do the whole set for just $160, and they’re normally $100.

Why am I doing this?

A) Because it’s fun and cool as hell to get a special edition of something.

B) It’s a fun experiment for bringing special editions to upcoming conventions for fans and new readers alike and;

C) With the 2nd baby coming, my writing time will be cut into dramatically, and this is a good way for me to offer a new product to offset my paternity leave (unpaid, as I work for myself) and to help us float through until summer. I’m hoping to use this cash to cover us for babysitting so I can work more.

So if you’re interested, please chime in and I’ll start setting up a checkout on my website for it. If you want more than one, please let me know so I can gauge demand.

These will be first come, first served.

If you have questions, comments or complaints, fire away.

Oh, and I finish editing THE PHONE later today. I hope.


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