The #2’s on Tuesday Sale!

It’s here.

Actually not yet, but this coming Tuesday, October 3rd of the grand year 2017, I’m running a Kindle MEGA SALE!

Mega might be an exaggeration, but technically, it’s the most amount of free titles I’ve ever had at once. After running a poll over on Facebook, I just couldn’t decide on what to put on sale, so I took several of the recommendations and made them all on sale.

It’s the second books in my running series. Alone No More, Ambryn & the Cheaters of Death, The Motive for Massacre, and London Burns.

They’re all free starting Tuesday, and will remain free until Friday the 6th. To give you links to all the titles in one spot, here they are below:


Adrian’s Undead Diary #2: Alone No More

Click here for Alone No More on the Kindle


Tales from the World of Adrian’s Undead Diary #2: London Burns

Click here for London Burns on the Kindle


The Reemergence #2: Ambryn & the Cheaters of Death

Click here for Ambryn on the Kindle


The Kinless Trilogy #2: The Motive for Massacre

Click here for The Motive for Massacre on the Kindle


So tell a friend, tell an enemy, give them a chance at getting into a series (or continuing one) on the super-cheap. Thank you so much, and I hope some of you can capitalize on this, and enjoy some new books!



2 comments on “The #2’s on Tuesday Sale!

  1. Jean says:

    Thank you very much,Chris Philbrook. Looking forward to delving into these.

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