Granite State Comic Con next weekend with Mark Tufo? YES!

Next weekend is Granite State Comic Con. That means… the wondrous Mark Tufo (Zombie Fallout, Lycan Fallout, Indian Hill and on good sources I can report his new book Assageddon) and I will be holding court, side by each, causing mayhem and discontent.

He and I are trying to set up a meet and greet at the hotel bar Saturday evening after the show’s end. We’ll share more as we get things closer to finalization.

We’ve entered into a bit of challenge with fellow authors Remy Flagg and Scott Goudsward. They’re in section J, we’re in section B. Reference the sweet map I made.

Both of our booths will have tickets. Get a ticket from them, bring it to us. Get a ticket from us, bring it to them. Whichever booth winds up with the most tickets…. wins.

We don’t have like, prizes for ourselves or anything, it’s mostly just so we can talk trash.

We do have prizes for you. On Sunday, we’re pulling one ticket from the jars, and the winner gets a free signed book from all four of us.

Holy. Guacamole.

Check out the convention’s website right here:


Would love to see you folks there.


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