Letters from Selva Part Six

Episode 6

Bury Me Deep

I don’t know the date anymore.

Every time one of these things walks within 50 meters of our habitat, the ground shakes. The floor thrums against our feet, and our weary backs are jolted.

It hurts.

Not as much as my empty belly, but it hurts.

Sarah died from her wounds two days ago. Her body is in the airlock where we can’t smell her rotting. Two of the others opened the airlock door yesterday and bolted out into the night. They wanted food and water more than safety. I don’t think they made it twenty meters before one of the spitters got them.

Their screams stopped when the change hit their brains. Then they went silent, and became obedient little monsters with too many teeth, too many arms, and no sense of who they were, like all the others outside.

If the last of us are silent, I can hear them fighting over scraps.

How long until they remember how to open a door?

I got a good look at the one who came close to the airlock. I’ll draw it. Here’s my nightmare;

I won’t be coming home. I don’t see how. I’ll never survive until the fleet returns and there aren’t enough marines remaining or bullets for them to turn the tide.

No mansion, no Sarah, no mom and dad, and no little sister Charlotte. Just hunger, and thirst for something other than our own piss, and this metal coffin we’ve locked ourselves inside.

If anyone finds these letters and drawings, I hope they find me too.

If I’m not alive, please bury me deep enough that the monsters won’t find me. I don’t want to be a meal like everyone else.

Love and miss you all,



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