Letters from Selva, Part Two

Good News Before Dark

16 April 163 GA

Hi Mom & Dad,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to write. I’ve been busier than you can imagine. You’re never going to believe it but…

I GOT SELECTED! I’m going to SELVA! A whole new planet! Not just another moon of Ghara, but a whole new exoplanet! Same one we’ve been looking at for almost 200 years.

I’m in shock. I wish I could’ve come back home to Pacifica to tell you, but the training regimen and expedition preparation is already overwhelming, and a trip home would be too much to ask. I hope you understand!

But we’re leaving soon! They’re saying July or August. Obviously security is tight, so they’re not saying the date exactly, but that’s not far away at all.

I met Margaret (she’s amazing, just like I’d hoped) as well as Dr. Rasima, Dr. Eckstein, Dr. Maine and even Dr. Balashov! They’re all great. Balashov still maintains a Russian accent which makes me long for home cooking. I’d flap my wings and try to fly all the way to Pacifica for a fresh bowl of borscht. I’m drooling. Not professional at all, especially for an official…. SELVAN EXPEDITION SCIENTIST!!

I hope you’re proud of me.

As you can imagine the Marine base here has exploded with activity. Materials, supplies, food, water, more housing has been built, you name it. Not to mention two units of Special Operations marines arrived, and they’re hot to trot. Rumor has it they’re the same two units of marines that were attacked at White Bay, and hit the bomb making factory on Pacifica.
The regular marines give them the widest birth. You should see it. Normally the rank and file marines act like they’re the toughest thing on a moon in the colonies but when one of the six First Expeditionary Marines comes through… You can see the respect, let’s just say that.

I guess the brightest thing about the six guys is that they are all very nice, despite having every reason to act like arrogant asses. I got a cup of coffee in the cafeteria beside one of them, a man named Dustin, and we chatted. I kept it very plain, and he seemed excited, and a little scared, which made him seem human.

Anyway, we’re going dark here very soon. In fact, this letter might be returned to me unsent if I don’t skip out to the post immediately. I hope the shuttle that carries it home to you flies fast and true, and I hope you are all well.

Give Charlotte a hug, and tell her that her big brother loves her very much.

Love and miss you all,


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