Cincinnati Ohio HorrorHound Weekend signing

Do you live in Ohio? Or Kentucky? Or Indiana?

Would you like to attend a wonderful convention in scenic Cincinnati, and perhaps get some fresh books/discs/shirts/merch from yours truly?

because from March 17th through the 19th, I’ll be at HorrorHound Weekend, signing and selling, shooting the poo.

In attendance with me will be Jeffrey Clare of All Things Zombie, as well as Shannon Walters, my wife, and our little spud Willow (periodically, she’s 11 months old, she has an agenda of her own).

We’ll have like, everything we’ve ever put out, and you are welcome to bring your existing stuff in so we can sign it for you.

The guest list looks fun. A bunch of The Walking Dead cast will be there, as well as a Monster Squad reunion, and Jason (Kane Hodder) plus a ton more.

Here’s a link to the event:

And if you want tickets:


As usual, I cannot bring unlimited quantities of product with me. As it turns out, books are heavy and big, and I’ve got a large backlog. I am only bringing 4 complete sets of AUD, so if you want one, speak up and I’ll set one aside for you.

I’m excited to hang out with folks next week!

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