Only the Light We Make is up for pre-order

It’s here!


The Kindle version of the newest anthology set in the world of Adrian Ring is now up for pre-order.

Click here to swing by Amazon and order your eBook. Print will release to the wilds of the world on November 25th alongside the eBook release.

The anthology contains stories by James Dean, James Pyne, Shannon Walters, Christopher T. MacDonald, Josh Green, C.A. Hoaks, J.D. Demers,  Adam Carpenter, Phillip Tomasso, Joe Tremblay, Jay Wilburn, Brian Parker and Jeremy Flagg.

I also wrote up a handful of new side fictions for it, and they reveal the truth behind some of AUD’s secrets, and also spell out the future of what’s to come.

Someone named Mark Tufo wrote the foreword for it.

Hope you’re excited, because I am.

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